JCBE is a Minority Woman-Owned Small Business based in Montgomery County, Maryland. We are a SBA 8(a) Certified Business with a R2:2013 certified partner.

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Investment Recovery

Making Operational Assets & Equipment Affordable and Available
Asset Tag Removal

Data Sanitization

Equipment Destruction

Remarketing & Redeployment

Customers get visibility into the entire unbroken chain of custody and we streamline the entire disposition process. Assets are picked up and processed through a seamless integrated solution. We’ll help you resell, recycle or return hardware so you’re in regulatory compliance and acting in an environmentally responsible way.
Our Redeployment Service can help reduce new equipment purchase costs by extending the life of your current assets.

Redeployment Service includes:


  • Full product tests
  • Configuration, condition, and test reports
  • Secure packing and shipping of equipment throughout the world

Complete Lifecycle solution:  

Our audit reports will show the quality or marketability of a component or asset. This provides our clients with a completely transparent, completely predictable expectation of the revenue benefits they will accrue with our services.
We will maintain a complete chain of custody on all the recycled equipment that leave our customers facilities. This will allow your team to follow the recycling process from pickup to the disposal of or final sale.
Asset Tag Removal Services
Asset Tag Removal
Data Sanitization
Data Destruction and Recycling
Equipment Destruction
Remarketing & Redeployment

No Residual Worth” clauses and disposal fees:

It is rare for current equipment to have no residual worth. Since our team specializes in aftermarket provisioning of spare parts, even non-functioning equipment may have some residual value.  Our Team will enumerate, in advance, the equipment that falls into this category.
We provide our customers with the necessary understanding and knowledge of the true worth of their assets. When assets are removed from the client’s location and arrive at the JCBE team’s facility, they are individually received, identified, scanned, and processed. This will allow your program management team absolute visibility into the program progress, including individual site performance.
  • Material with residual value is assessed for disposition in the secondary wholesale market, retail markets, or export markets.
  • Material with no residual value is processed for environmentally conscious recycling and reprocessing.

No upfront Transportation/Logistics expenses:    

This is a common area for non-specialists in investment recovery to create a revenue center during the recovery process.  Our clients are wary of non-specific, unbounded transportation and logistics expenses.  All anticipated transportation and logistics charges are included in the Investment Recovery proposal—there are no unanticipated fees, charges, or other mark-ups.
Each location will have their own pickup or shipping cost associated with the equipment.  We cover all upfront cost and apply that cost expense to the final value of the equipment whether sold or recycled.

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Making Operational Assets & Equipment Affordable and Available

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