JCBE is a Minority Woman-Owned Small Business based in Montgomery County, Maryland. We are a SBA 8(a) Certified Business with a R2:2013 certified partner.

7800 Airpark Road. Unit 19

Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Email: christina@jcbeinc.com

Phone: +1 301 355 4831

Fax: +1 301 355 4832

Grading Summary

Investment Recovery

Investment Recovery Grading Summary

Our audit reports have only 5 gradients, which the customer can make and assess objectively on their own: New/Like New (Grade “A”), Used (nearly all equipment, Grade’s “B” and “C”), and Non-Functioning/recycle (Grade “D”).


CONDITION CODES: (Grade A – C) Equipment 1-4yrs old  (Grade D – Scrap) Non-working or 4yrs + old

Grade (A) – Demonstration or original equipment, but has been opened with short-term use (usually less than 2 years). Units are complete and have everything included from the original manufacturer (manuals, CDs, cables and cords), and usually have some residual warranty from the manufacturer. These units show only minor signs of use; screens in near perfect condition.
Grade (B) – Most equipment falls into this Grade. Used (usually in field 1-3 years), working equipment that is fully functional with screens in very good condition (no pressure marks, no scratches no dead pixels). Limited signs of use, can be resold with minimal labor. May be missing hard drives or cables.
Grade (C) – Used equipment (usually in the field 3 + years) showing significant signs of use including scratches, dents, chips, minor cosmetic blemishes on the screen that may include light pressure marks, small scratches on screen less than ¼ inch in length. Used items are complete (all original parts included) and fully functional (turn on and use). Any monitor screen burn or scratch does not hinder viewing of screen to any major degree.
Grade (D) – Equipment that may be defective, working or not working, serious cosmetic damage that may include cracks, dents, multiple scratches on displays, dead pixels or pressure marks and/or failed components (not more than one and excluding the logic board or display).
Scrap – Defective, 100% not working, will be used solely as a parts unit, cannot be repaired, usually multiple component failures (logic board or display), missing parts, seriously damaged. Screens with scratches, dents, dead pixels or any combination of this will fall into this category. Older equipment that is determined to not have market place value beyond scrap.