JCBE is a Minority Woman-Owned Small Business based in Montgomery County, Maryland. We are a SBA 8(a) Certified Business with a R2:2013 certified partner.

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Data and Device Destruction

Deliberately, Permanently, and Irreversibly removes any stored information.



Our process deliberately, permanently, and irreversibly removes any stored information in Hard Drive.

JCBE Inc. now offers data and device destruction to solve your issues on data sanitation with our techniques proving you a data clean-up with a reasonable cost. We can offer Data sanitation of all non-paper media and device destruction of solid state. Our tasks are completed at 7800 Airpark Road. Unit 19 Gaithersburg, MD 20879 or we do onsite at our client’s facility, it’s up to you.

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JCBE Inc. provides hard drive shredding and data destruction services to keep you in compliance with GLB, SOX, FACTA, FISMA, HIPAA, ITAR in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Clients data on hard drives, cell phones and other electronic media will be destroyed with 0 % chance of recovery.





We do this technique to demolish every single data stored on magnetic media using magnetically charge Degausser. JCBE Degaussers are used not only on hard disk drives but also for backup tapes and other magnetic media. Most cases, the magnetic media including tapes, except for the hard drives, are inoperable once degaussed.


Degaussing is the process of totally erasing data by reducing or eliminating an unwanted magnetic field (information) stored on tape and disk media. A degausser is a machine that changes the magnetic domain (where the data is stored) of magnetic data storage devices.






We also have low speed, high torque shredder for destroying media of wide variety of materials. With this, items of solid state are shredded including hard drives, laptops, blade servers, military equipment and other devices. This turns items or devices into total deformation and unusable for its original purpose. 


Shredding services, which can be performed onsite at the customer’s premises or in secure, access controlled facilities by utilizing industrial shredder to chop, mince, and shred hard drives, cell phones, tapes, and other data storage devices into tiny, inaccessible fragments.


Our system is completely self-sufficient, utilizing power from our secure service truck’s internally mounted generator, requiring no use of any facilities resources to operate. As critical as the shredding machine itself are the secure, meticulous and documented processes to get hard drives from your facilities to the machine and disposing of the shredded material afterwards, our end-to-end process that provides protection and accountability through the entire chain of custody of your IT assets.







We at JCBE can do onsite destruction for less quantity of hard drives and media using our portable shearing equipment for all clients who wanted their physical devices destroyed, devices include weapons, armor and other security-sensitive items. This solution can shred or incinerate media at a reasonable cost.


We offer portable shearing equipment as one of our cost effective solutions for onsite destruction of hard drives, other media and any security sensitive items.





Secure Data Wipingsecure-data-wiping

If you want your hard drive to be unharmed, JCBE Inc.’s Secure Data Wiping technique will totally destroy only data and hard drives will remain functioning. The solution is most effective for hard drive sanitization at a reasonable cost.


Secure data wiping (a.k.a. Secure Erase) utilizes specialized software developed by the NSA and the Center for Magnetic Memory Research (CMMR), and approved by NAID, to securely overwrite existing data on hard drives. By performing this wipe, data is 100% destroyed and cannot be recovered.

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